26 Jan 2021

Pink Kitten and Yellow Kitten and their Pale Blue Italian Scooter

Hello friends. It appears that it is time for another blog. Continuing

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19 Jan 2021

Puppy and Coyote on Safari

In this daring adventure, Puppy and Coyote travel to Africa in search

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12 Jan 2021

Secret Agent Puppy

Howdy friends. Well here we go. That spooky 2020 is gone and it is tim

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04 Jan 2021

The Dancing Pigs of Vinnytsia

Another saga in the adventures of the Snoop McDonut family of Kiev, Uk

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14 Dec 2020

Choonie-Moonies and the Snoop Donut Affair

     More nonsense. Choonie-Moonies and the Snoop Donut

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13 Dec 2020

Thomas Edison… hero or zero?

From my blog: My morning coffee with Alexander Lyubchenko (R

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