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  • Online shopping has come a long way in the past decade! Sparked by the success of the HSN & QVC, Amazon essentially took over this paradigm. Smaller boutique online shops have cropped up, each trying to carve a unique niche in the online marketplace. Our version is simple. Shop on our website, and our profits go to Main Street, not Wall Street! Our stores support The Android Foundation's Happy Always 4 Kids, Live Theater Improv, a not for profit, charitable organization since September 8, 1994. iBella.us is our training tool, to help our interns gain marketable skills in areas such as:  data entry, programming, and all facets of business as it relates to the entertainment industry, and global shipping. We train them , we pay them, we place them! Simple solutions to what appears to be a complicated process. Not any more! Two by two they learn, grow, and become independent. We'll need a few more months to build up our momentum, with our programs, and hand pick our Vendor Associates. When you Shop on iBella,us, you help us with our charitable goals. Thanks for stopping by, Android Dior D'Nai Dei
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