Jeremy Irons On Time Machines

"We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams." - Jeremy Irons

Iggy Ice: "Hey a... Rosie, is the boss with you? Rosie: "No, he's on M-31 and out of Com range. What's up?" Iggy Ice: So, Hermes got this one for 'unauthorized use' of a time portal." Rosie: "Hold on Ice, I gotta sit down for this one... what exactly is he planning to bring back?" Iggy Ice: "A younger wife!" Rosie: "Wooo... hold on a nanosecond. Let me look this one up... wait I got to check with Azazal, since the boss is not available." Jeremy Irons: "The Devil?" Iggy Ice: "Na, he's more like Android's bodyguard." Jeremy: "Oh, I thought..." Rosie: "Let him go Iggy! He's right at the limit!" Jeremy: (hiding the pee stain with his hands, stands up) Iggy Ice: "You see J, I told you it was just a formality. We all do it!" Jeremy: "Why is there a 30 year age limit on girls Ice?" Iggy Ice: "Trade-in value is higher..." Sinead: "Bastard! (Walking in the room overhearing the tail end) You mean you're going back for a Newer Model. Don't you know when you get back Max & Sammy wouldn't be here?" Jeremy: "I suppose not... Iggy?" Iggy Ice: "It's pretty Much Ado About Nothing..."

Title: Hold My Hand

Artist: iAndroid

Label: MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc.

All Rights Reserved

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