Who's Driving That Car Mom? by Rosie Rumba

Rosie Rumba: Hey Ice, I have to say that it's been two weeks since you've been in a funk, or this obvious fogadelic mood. Iggy Ice: I know what you mean Rosie. It seems the fillings in my teeth have been a bit overworked lately. Rosie: Did you see a dentist? Ice: Nope. I'm not in pain. Rosie: Then, try a liquid diet or something? Ice: That's funny! It has nothing to do with chewing. Rosie: Then what is it? Ice: RF. Rosie: Radio Frequencies? Ice: Yep. Rosie: Hmm. On that note, let's get back to the show. Rock Modo's "Alien At The Wheel" is streaming on our site, and getting attention on Spotify. Ice: This is good news. Rosie: Are you feeling less funky? Ice: Well to be honest, yes and no. Rosie: Okay? Let's see if this news raises an eyebrow. "Grace Under Fire" is back at #1 on the Global charts on our N1M account. Ice: So when you said it I could feel my mouth smiling. Rosie: So it worked? Ice: Yes and no. Let's just say your choice of words, 'funky' describes more than my former mood. Rosie: Like, you didn't shower. Ice: Nope. Not yet, but I'm a great mood now! Rosie: I'm glad I'm in Virginia and your in New York! Ice: Now let's listen to some Hard Rock. Rosie: I'm on it Ice. Ice: While you look for the link, I attached the "Metal Dreams" Tack Talk segment. Rosie: Good idea. I'm miss being in the studio with you Ice, and I'm happy Modo took over the show. Ice: Rosie, Modo is on the line with me right now, I can bring you in the call. Rosie: Please give him my regards. I'm running late and the kids are not out the door yet. I'm out of here Ice. Ice: Be safe at work sweetheart. Say hi to the boys, and give Bella a kiss for me. Rosie: Sure will Ice. Modo: Hey, I can call back later. Ice: She texted me she's out the door. 

(Transcript 01100001011011100110010001110010011011110110100101100100)

Listen To Rock Modo On Spotify

Hi, this is iAndroid reminding you to take the extra time to sanitize. You and your family are worth the extra effort. Our friends, neighbors and all our co-workers are part of a complex chain. Iggy Ice will go over that more thoroughly when my new sites are available to the public. As a special project for all the kids today, let's see how many of you can tell me what my transcript number means in binary? Moms and dad's you can help them find a converter and explain binary to them if they are younger.  Everyone else is on their own. You can put your answers in the blog and Rosie Rumba will contact all of you personally via email as long as we have you in our Newsletter. In the meantime, parents please make sure you read the Puppy blogs. Our kids learn way to much from video based protocols and need to speed time with context based learning options. Make sure they don't neglect their homework and chores while in a funkadelic state on PS5. I know it's expensive and you want to get your money's worth out of the system, however, inordinate amounts of time in role play for kids, teens and young adults can have a long-lasting effect. Game Stop is not interested in posting guidelines on how much time students should be spending on video games. Video based learning tools are readily available to you for review and implementation within your families budget. If you have a special needs child and are lost, contact Rosie Rumba and I'll work with the IEP and customize a web based protocol for you at my expense. My father's ancestors wrote, "Nothing matters but the children. The children are our future. They are everything." Be love... evolve... iAndroid 

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