IAndroid - Grace Under Fire Review

Grace Under Fire has over 130,000 plays and gives me bar fight vibes that would completement a 90's movie that was set around rebels that have a cause to change the world with anarchy. It's a rad vibe and would go well in a movie for sure. It has an almost drunken punk vibe where the lyrics slur together and mold a scene a girl becoming a stripper and holding onto the compliments her mother gave her to boost her confidence before she goes out on stage. Once she has her paycheck she runs out into the world and spends her money and time partying on the stage called life.

While on stage one night she kicks her leg into the air and the man in the crowd is intoxicated by her hips and how beautiful she is. The devil carnally comes out of him- inspiring him to approach her. Her daddy used to call her china doll and when he complients her brings it to her attention after the curtains fall down on the stage. All he can think of her is that "this girl is on fire." and that she's won the crowd with her smile and sexy kick.

The lead guitars keep the story rolling in a very primal "I'm watching and planning" sort of way. As if anticipating what to do and say next to approach the mans prey. The light synth reminds me of lights beaming onto the stage- a moment of silence before the man approached Grace calling her "China Doll". The drums make me think of the adreneline pumping into their hearts. It's when they all flow together to paint the scene- a crowd of people and the feeling that all eyes on her, but he wants her to stare him down as he does. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my review of iAndroid's "Grace Under Fire". This is my very first review for 9th Gate Digital Media, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I know you will enjoy Grace as she dances her way streaming "on fire" around the world. Paige...

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Title: Grace Under Fire
CD: Hot Rocks In Hell
Label: MOG TOG VOG, E.G., Inc.
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