Amber Ferrari Coming Undone, Review

By Craig, Paige, Sarah

Craig: Hey paige hows it going?

Paige: Its going dandy craig, so dandy i’m willing to come undone for the love I have for the world.

Craig: Speaking of coming undone have you checked out the new song from Amber Ferrari?

Paige: YES, The love that song describes has my heart beating faster then the drums in a metal band.

Craig: This is Craig, Paige, Sarah and our review for this amazing song!

Paige: Coming undone makes me think of clothing falling from her body as she enters the front door. I feel that her sound is very god-loving and light-hearted. She brings a very hopeful country-feel.

Craig: It inspires me to go out through the day.

Paige: I agree with that, I think that she has a feeling of after a good day filled with courage and hope.

Craig: The song makes me think of a high school crush I had, a feeling that being without them causes one to unravel.

(Song context)

Paige: She wakes up with the sun glowing through her window and is filled with inspiration that her day has a zest for life.

Craig: It seems as if it was blessed by God himself. She talks about her love being one of a kind and that she's worthy of everything this world has to offer.

Paige: It reminds me that when you find true love, you do want them to have the universe's happiness. I know someone like that and he does give me that feeling of being without him makes everything unravel. It's beautiful how just seeing someone that happy brings cherish and warmness to one's heart.

Craig: Amber's chorus suggests that this man is so perfect, she's willing to sacrifice herself so she can be with him and be happy as possible. 

(Side note) 

Craig: Chorus transitions to verses in this song are super fast, it surprises the listener pleasantly and gets one excited for the next section.

Paige: They say love is a sin, but it's so beautiful that it's hard to see it the same as the other sins. I relate with the feeling you'd do anything for that person, yet it's where they bless each other with individual limitations. It's the home in your heart so-to-speak. The place where they can both live harmoniously together.

Craig: Amber then talks about how no other guy can treat her as well as he does. I truly love her saying that he moves her emotionally like she's spinning all around. It makes me think of being on a tilt a whirl with my friends in Helena where we go in all directions on this fast-paced insane ride that makes us laugh and forget all about life's worries and doubts, Truly a heartwarming part for me. Later she talks about the moment that seems like it will last forever and that he has a hold on her. It reminds me of amazing people making me wish the moment would never end. The theme of forever continues with “smiling endlessly” which reminds me that care and devotion are eternal sparks in our lives. The description of “whispers from the ocean” line lights a bulb in my head that nature itself is wanting their love to continue and blossom. He’s the ocean washing away with her continuing the theme of “throw it all away” where they move on to bigger and better aspects of life. The verse ends with meaning to me that all the stars in the universe yet HE’S the one that keeps her shining bright. A love burning forever without end that can be fueled more by two people over the trillions of other stars.

Craig: Speaking of stars, my debut album Calm and Edgy is on and the rest of the steaming platforms. Writing It sure did burn with passion from my soul. Feel free to check it out and come back soon. Stay near, not light years away. 

Rosie Rumba: Yes indeed Craig. I just got a call from Iggy Ice who would like to thank you and Team Montana for a nice review of Amber Ferrari's tune, "Come Undone" You can find her music at Ice and I would really appreciate it if you can reach out to her and let her know what you think about her songs. 

Craig:  Oh, one last thing. After you reach out to Amber, I'd like you to listen to a track by iAndroid "One Of A Kind". It's a nice love song written for one of his (3) ex-wives.

Rosie Rumba: That would be number three Craig. My mom. Bella.

Craig: Oh. Thanks Rosie.

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